Can we say cringeworthy?! These are the last words a florist wants to hear from ANYONE. ESPECIALLY friends and family. Yet we do.

Can I say something that may be obvious?

I KNOW FLOWERS DIE! Crazy right?


Flowers are like produce right? Grown just for you and amazing at their peak. You buy produce to eat then it turns into what? We all know that answer….

Flowers actually last longer then that banana you just ate.

Their life span is short and SPECIAL!

They were made up just for you for whatever reason and are yours to enjoy.

Its a proven fact that flowers MAKE US HAPPY!

Crazy right.

So. The next time you want to make someone feel special, send flowers…which means you are sending feelings. Yes, feelings.

And that my friend, is a memory that I would love to instill to my loved ones.

What about you?

Would you rather be that guy that says Flowers just die, or the guy that sent flowers to make his loved ones feel special?

I know what I choose.

<3 <3 <3 Hope to chat soon!